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Blacksmith Institute Newsletter: January 2009

Monthly Updates About Blacksmith’s Global Pollution Remediation Work

The Blacksmith Institute is currently in 16 countries working to clean up 32 communities. Since 1999, Blacksmith has successfully completed 24 projects in 9 countries.

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Construction Work Begins to Contain Four Decades of Arsenic Waste

Construction work has begun to secure tailings left over from four decades of
mining operations at an abandoned mining site in Baiyizhai village in Yunnan. So far 250 cubic meters of earth has been excavated and 90 tons of cement, 250
cubic meters of sand powder, and 200 cubic meters of stone have been used. When completed, the barrier will stop the tailings from washing off the site and reduce arsenic leaks and the contamination of rivers flowing through Wenshan county, which provides water to thousands of families.


Pilot Project Using Worms To “Eat” Toxins Paves the Way

The final phase of a multi-year pilot bio-remediation project using vermiculture is nearing completion with new results proving the effectiveness of this low-cost solution. The innovative treatment, which involves releasing worms into the ground that can absorb toxins into their bodies, is being undertaken near Muthia Village in Ahmedabad. Approximately 60,000 tons of toxic sludge had been dumped here over the past decade, leaching into the groundwater and spreading with every monsoon downpour. Recent soil samples of the treated areas show that the worms have removed more than 60% of the toxins. These results have built confidence among local officials and will enable Blacksmith to use the worms to clean other contaminated sites in Gujarat.

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