Blacksmith Institute's Institutional Review Board


The Blacksmith Institute has an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in place to review all projects that contain human research subjects. The committee provides oversight for Blacksmith research and remediation projects; ensuring the welfare of human subjects.  The IRB consists of a committee of experts that review and assess the research methods and processes involved to maximize the safety and security of the human subjects.


Program Directors submit a standard questionnaire designed by the IRB to the committee. The committee then reviews the submission and provides personalized feedback on the proposal. If the IRB determines the proposal protects the welfare and rights of the involved human subjects, the proposal will be approved. If there are areas that need improvements, the IRB will provide guidance for improvement to be resubmitted. The IRB serves to not only approve research and remediation plans but also works to support the Technical Advisory Board, in general, and the Blacksmith Staff to assure the ethical conduct of research and to guarantee compliance with regulations.