Help us clean up life-threatening pollution this Earth Day.

Humankind--each one of us--is part of the natural environment. Our own diversity, between cultures and between individuals, is part of the beautiful and fragile spectrum of life on Earth. And just like rainforests or coral reefs, people can be harmed or killed by toxic pollution. The World Health Organization has determined that over 20 percent of deaths in developing countries are attributable to environmental pollution. Most of the victims are among the poorest people in the world, with children being the most vulnerable population of all.

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Learn how your support can help us fight MERCURY pollution.


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Blacksmith Institute identifies and cleans up the world's worst polluted places. For us every day is Earth Day as we work to protect vulnerable people and communities from toxic waste. As serious as these problems are, they are also finite and fixable: with the proper resources we can put an end to severe pollution exposures at each contaminated site. Our field teams operate in 19 countries and have already played a part in saving many lives. 

Your generous donation this Earth Day would help us buy the supplies we need to treat pollution emergencies.

Each Earth Day we read about serious environmental problems. Blacksmith Institute offers serious environmental solutions--to mercury poisoning and every other toxin we fight. With your support, we can put an end to the world's worst pollution problems and protect the unique and beautiful human component of our natural environment.