Radioactive waste can be a particularly frightening pollutant, due to its carcinogenic potential and strong emotional association with the nuclear arms race of the Cold War. Residue from nuclear power plants and atomic bomb manufacturing facilities continues to threaten human lives throughout the vast stretches of the former Soviet Union. Strontium, uranium, and cesium can all cause leukemia and other forms of cancer, especially when transmitted through inhalation or swallowing of particles.

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In Central Asia, Blacksmith has helped to evacuate families from homes that were at high risk for radiation poisoning. We also supply the technology and training necessary to install and use new water filtration systems in schools and hospitals.




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Radioactive particles can also accumulate in the body fat of dairy cattle, tainting the milk and meat and thus putting the health of human consumers at risk. To solve this problem Blacksmith technicians have provided farming communities with chemical mixtures known as sorbents, which remove contaminants from dairy products and protect the food web.




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