In this one-minute VIDEO above, you will see one of the small communities Blacksmith is working with in Indonesia. Your donation will help us take toxic mercury out of the hands of Indonesian gold miners, including children like these boys, who are among some 600,000 child gold miners worldwide.

These children help their poor families earn a meager income by processing bits of ore for tiny pieces of gold in small family-run operations.

Every day, these children touch and inhale large amounts of toxic mercury, which is burned off in the gold extraction process. In some instances, a dangerous hybrid processing technique that includes both mercury and cyanide is used.

We just need another $5,724 to reach our goal of $25,000.

With this money, we can start a program to teach artisanal miners in Indonesia how to process gold without using toxic mercury. Indonesia is one of the largest gold producing countries in the world. Help us get this project going so that these children and their families will no longer be poisoned.