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The Toxic Toll of Mercury: Facts, Figures and the Future of “Dancing Cat Fever” Disease

It has been over 50 years since the first sign of mass mercury poisoning emerged in Minamata, Japan.  Cats in the village started staggering and tilting, doing a strange “dancing cat fever.” Then people started acting the same way. This … Continue reading

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Engaging the Chinese Public in Environmental Issues

China is currently facing a wave of dissatisfaction over the state of pollution in the country with calls for greater transparency. A new Blacksmith project might just have a solution. This report is from Abby Schultz in Blacksmith’s China office: — The … Continue reading

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Wishing for a soccer field that does not kill

Blacksmith is launching the cleanup of a lead-contaminated soccer field in Cinangka, Indonesia, so that children in the village can play without being poisoned. The project, starting this month, is being undertaken with GAHP’s help in collaboration with the Indonesian … Continue reading

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Pollution cleanup gets serious in Indonesia

You know that a government is getting serious about something when there are official workshops and conferences.  We are glad to report that last month, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment hosted a meeting and panel discussion about hazardous waste which … Continue reading

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The Toxic Rice Fields of China’s Cancer Villages

The bright green rice fields planted close to the brick-and-tile homes in Shangba, a small village in northern Guangdong Province in China, paint a tranquil, rural scene typical of China’s countryside. What can’t be seen, and is difficult to imagine, … Continue reading

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Paying for Pollution Cleanup in India with a Small Benefit

If you read our earlier post on India’s Amazing Pollution Story, you will know that great things are happening in that country. Plans are in the works to clean up ten of the country’s worst polluted sites, which Blacksmith helped … Continue reading

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Meet Blacksmith’s Global Team

Blacksmith experts from around the world gathered  in New York in early April to discuss remediation work in their home countries, share ideas and plan future projects. Among them are lecturers, doctors, engineers, researchers and other pollution and public health experts, … Continue reading

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Blacksmith Newsletters

Welcome to Blacksmith’s Newsletter Archives. Sept/Oct 2013: Top Ten Toxic Threats in 2013 Helping Countries Abide by Minamata Bringing Poisoned Poor to the European Parliament Training Women in Senegal Why are Children in Mexico Still Suffering from Lead Global Remediation … Continue reading

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Detoxing Polluted Rice Paddies With Lime

Rice Paddies are the cradle of life in many countries.  But some have become conduits of death and disease because of industrial pollution. A famous case of rice padi poisoning was documented in Toyama prefecture in Japan in the 1960s. … Continue reading

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From Elections to Pollution – Data is Key

One of the most interesting outcomes of this U.S. election is that it has reminded us that data is king.

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