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(PHOTOS) Transforming Agbogbloshie: From Toxic E-Waste Dump Into Model Recycling Center

On October 9, Agbogbloshie, Ghana – one of the world’s largest e-waste dumpsites – got something new. The sense of excitement grew when residents saw a group of about a dozen men carrying a towering sign through town before planting it in the … Continue reading

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Businessweek Chronicles Dangerous Cleanup, Blacksmith/Pure Earth’s Global Successes

                  “Fuller and Pure Earth (Blacksmith) have amassed an impressive record of success. But nothing could have prepared them for a situation like the decrepit Soviet dynamite* factory.”  [*Note:  We want to … Continue reading

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To Environmental Journalists: Address Underreported Issue of Toxic Pollution

  When an airliner disappears into the Indian ocean and hundreds of people are assumed dead, it’s huge news and millions are spent to find it and understand what went wrong. But in Zamfara, Nigeria, in 2010, over 200 children … Continue reading

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Want lead-free food? Visit the first “Barro Aprobado” restaurant in Mexico

Across Mexico every day, millions of meals served in homes and restaurants come with an extra, unseen ingredient — toxic lead. Want lead-free food? The Casa de Campo restaurant, housed in a 260 year-old building in Cuernavaca’s historic downtown in Morelos state, is … Continue reading

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A Toxic “Craft” Village in Vietnam Cleans Up (VIDEO)

Every day, trucks full of used lead-acid batteries from cars, motorbikes and other vehicles are brought in from across Vietnam to the rural village of Dong Mai in the agricultural heartland of Vietnam. Dong Mai is one of thousands of toxic “craft” villages … Continue reading

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Soccer Field Transformed From Toxic Lead Dump To Safe Play Space

In Cinangka, Indonesia, a playground near the primary school was so toxic that parts of the field had lead levels that measured 123 times above the World Health Organization (WHO) standard. Hundreds of children were getting posioned everyday, running around … Continue reading

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Homero Aridjis’ Heartfelt Plea For A Lead-Free Mexico

Renowned poet, novelist and environmental activist Homero Aridjis has long been an active and eloquent voice for Mexico.  We are honored that he is speaking out in support of our recently-launched “Barro Aprobado” project to solve Mexico’s 500 year-old tradition of beautiful but deadly … Continue reading

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Fact Sheet: Mexico’s 500-year-old problem (Infographic)

Over 70% of the population of Mexico—an estimated 80 million Mexican men, women, and children—have blood lead levels above the WHO standard. The lead poisoning comes from their use of traditional Mexican pottery—the colorful plates, pots and other wares that you … Continue reading

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A Global Emergency: The Largest Cause of Death In The World Is Being Ignored

UPDATE:  Our voices are being heard at the U.N.  Our call to #SpotlightPollution in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is making a difference. We’ve received 26 letters of support from governments, agencies, NGOs & universities. As a result, the zero draft of … Continue reading

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The Story of A Mother and the Five Children She Lost

*Click here to read the story of Seynabou M. Seynabou M. is a member of the poisoned poor. The poisoned poor live and work in some of the world’s worst polluted places. Often they are not aware that their community … Continue reading

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