Blacksmith Press Release

Blacksmith Taps World Bank Veteran to Lead Global Environment Programs

New York, Aug. 15, 2006 - Blacksmith Institute, an independent environmental group working on pollution issues in the developing world, today announced that David Hanrahan has joined as director of global operations, a newly created position. In his new role, Hanrahan will oversee Blacksmith Institute programs in developing countries around the world and direct the activities of the group's six regional and 12 country coordinators. He will also be heavily involved in development of Blacksmith Institute's Polluted Places program, targeted at medium size environmental clean-up projects in poor countries.

"Our success in smaller-scale projects created an opportunity to work on more expansive and complex projects," says Richard Fuller, Blacksmith Institute's founder and director. "David Hanrahan's leadership and expertise will be very valuable in formulating and managing these larger-scale programs, that will require significant levels of funding and cooperation with international agencies."

Prior to joining Blacksmith Institute, Hanrahan served for 12 years at the World Bank working on a broad range of environmental operations and issues across all the Bank's regions. During much of this time he was based in the central Environment Department where he held technical and managerial positions and was involved in analytical work and lending operations. With a background in engineering and economics, He had 20 years of experience in international consulting before joining the World Bank.