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Blacksmith Institute summary for governments, NGOs and agencies (two-pages)

Blacksmith Institute summary for for corporations (two-pages)


China Country Strategy Document 2011-2014

Blacksmith Health and Pollution Fund Feasibility Study, 2011 (download Study, Annexes)

Guixi Rice Paddy Remediation Pilot Study, Jianxi Province, China, Fall 2012


Burden of Disease from Toxic Waste Sites in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines in 2010, Environmental Health Perspectives, May 2013 (download pdf, read online summary, see graphic poster summary).

The Poisoned Poor: Toxic Chemicals Exposures in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (2013, one-page summary, pdf)

How to Mitigate Mercury Pollution in Tanzania (May 2013, Journal of Environmental Protection)

The burden of disease from pediatric lead exposure at hazardous waste sites in 7 Asian countries (2013, Environmental Research) 

Borax:  Summary of health risks associated with using borax in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (2013) 

Approaches to systematic assessment of environmental exposures posed at hazardous waste sites in the developing world: the Toxic Sites Identification Program, May 2012. 

Outbreak of Fatal Childhood Lead Poisoning Related to Artisanal Gold Mining in Northwestern Nigeria, 2010 (Research Paper, Environmental Health Perspectives, April 2012) download pdf

Environmental Contaminants and the Immune System (summary by Bruce D. Forrest, MD MBA)

The Effects of Toxic Pollution in the Developing World (1-page summary)

Economic Benefit of Pollution Clean-up (2-page summary)

Environmental Contaminants and the Immune System

The Effects of Lead on Maternal and Child Health

Cost Effectiveness of Pollution Clean-up in Developing Countries