Radioactive Waste Removal

Krasnoufimsk- RUSSIA

Krasnoufimsk is located in Sverdlovsk Oblast (Yekaterinburg) in the Central Urals. 82,000 tons of radioactive monazite concentrate have been stored here since the sixties. Exposure to monazite is linked to increased risk of cancer and is most dangerous when inhaled. The Ural Ecological Union established the Expert Council to deal with the monazite pollution. The warehouse premises were reinforced with more reliable buildings to minimize the potential of natural accidents or terrorist acts. More...


Protecting Village Water Supply

Yunnan Province, CHINA

This project in Yunnan was initiated in late 2006. The key problem was the contamination of local water supplies by small abandoned metal mines and processing facilities.The major works implemented were a retaining wall to create a stable tailings storage area, together with the installation of an impermeable lining to the area.  The success of the pilot project has been recognized by the authorities in Yunnan and has reinforced the value of this approach and the potential for developing the broader program. More...


Heavy Metal Contamination of River System

Bulacan Province, PHILIPPINES

The Marilao, Meycauayan and Obando (MMO) river system in the province of Bulacan is the focus of a clean-up project being spearheaded by the Blacksmith Institute. This river system is considered to be “hot spots” of water quality. The water from the river system feeds into thousands of hectares of active fishponds where the produce is consumed by the local populace, shipped to adjoining areas, primarily Metro Manila and possibly exported. More...


Lead Contamination


Haina has been referred to as the 'Dominican Chernobyl'. A community near an abandoned lead-acid battery recycling smelter, nearly its entire population shows signs of lead poisoning. An estimated 300,000 people are directly affected by lead from the site.  Blacksmith and TerraGraphics coordinated the removal of over 6,000 cubic meters of contaminated soil from the site and transferred it to a specially constructed and lined pit at a nearby industrial estate. The site is now being re-graded to become a local park. More...


Industrial Sludge and Vermiculture

Muthia Village, INDIA

Muthia Village lies on the eastern periphery of Ahmedabad City, India. Approximately 60,000 tons of sludge have been dumped along the boundary between the industrial estate and the village over the last decade. Nearly 3,000 tons of hazardous wastes were excavated from the project site. The remaining contaminated ground was then treated with vermiculture. The successful demonstration of this project has built confidence among the Gujarat State Pollution Control Board (the state regulatory body) to invite us to treat similar sites in Gujarat. More...


Lead Poisoning and Car Batteries

Senegal, AFRICA

Blacksmith was called to Senegal after the March 2008 deaths of 18 children under the age of five in the Dakar neighborhood of Thiaroye-Sur-Mer. The children died from acute lead poisoning from exposure to deadly lead dust due to the informal recycling of used car batteries. The Blacksmith project covers local health education and soil remediation in Thiaroye-Sur-Mer, in addition to the development of national policies to regulate battery-recycling activities. More...